Adele Andersen

fitness instructor - writer - entrepreneur


Fitness professional, enthusiastically naive entrepreneur, writer, geek, accidental model, muppet

I enjoyed a fairly idyllic youth and early 20s, wanting nothing more than to ride horses and write fantasy novels. In 2006 this was interrupted by my parents leaving me in the UK for some solid 'character-building'.  More than a decade later I still seem to be here, so I guess I'm a long-term work in progress. 


An exercise addiction combined with the global economic crisis led me to an intended 'interim' stint as a group exercise instructor, until companies started hiring again. 10 years later I'm still teaching group exercise classes, own and run Ravenscourt Bootcamp and am developing new ways to make exercise enjoyable with my startup company Imaginactive.

Imaginactive was not the result of any great entrepreneurial ambition as much as curiosity: could I combine my writing and exercise knowledge to make exercise more accessible, fun and meaningful for my many unfit friends who were pleading with me to make it more bearable, if not even enjoyable? 


I began developing the idea of framing a variety of workout styles within one narrative, in which users are a character within the story. This evolved into the narrative audio fitness adventure app Apocalypse Survival Training, which launched 21 May 2019 on iOS and Android.


With the carefree days of pre-entrepreneurial life over, my weeks mostly consist of preparing and teaching exercise classes, working on all aspects of AST and excessively photographing my grumpy granny cat and two cheeky kitns, while squeezing in lightsaber duelling, horseback archery, trick riding and learning fire staff around the edges when I can.

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Ravenscourt Bootcamp

Ravenscourt Bootcamp is a friendly outdoor group exercise group in Ravenscourt Park, West London. All classes programmed around fun engagement with other class members through partner work, team work, games, circuits, drills and individual challenges. And we have dogs. 

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